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Chania Places of Interest


One of Greece’s prettiest cities, Chania exudes a genteel atmosphere that has not been dulled by either time or tourism. The modern city has risen around the old Venetian harbour and town, like protective walls erected in the 16th century. Modern restaurants, cafes, tavernas and shops are plentiful in disused arsenals, bastions and Venetian mansions. The modern city of Chania is built on what is believed to have been the site of Kydonia, a city founded by King Minos’s grandson, Kydon. The covered market inaugurated in 1913 is one of the city’s sights, with stalls selling dried mountain herbs, olive oil, raki, and dried fruit. Various archaeological sites, villages, churches, caves, gorges and wonderful beaches are the trademark of the Chania prefecture.

Samaria Gorge is 43 km south of Chania, it is the longest gorge in Europe and belongs to the Samaria National Park. Visitors can choose the long route (16 km) or a shorter version starting from the sea on the south coast and walking to the “Iron Gates” (3.5 km)

Gramvusa Island is a small island with an impregnable castle. Famous for its unique lagoon, with its blue green waters, it pink sandy beach and famous shells. Even Caribbean visitors envy this region!

Elafonissi is an island is 100 m off the coast. It has an amazing beach and a captivating landscape.

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