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Few places evoke the mythic legacy of the Mediterranean as powerfully as Rethymno. Nymphs walk the goat tracks of Mount Idi, where Zeus was born. Jasmine and olive trees amongst barren rocks, churches & monasteries; ancient sea turtles come back again and again on the longest beach of Crete. From East to West the majestic sunsets tell the story of ancient kingdoms. Rethymno’s charms are visible in a single glance.

Rethymnon is built between two other large cities of Crete. In the east is Iraklion (80 km) and to the west is Hania (60 km). It lies along the north coast of Crete, having one of the largest sand beaches in Crete (12 km). It is the administrative commercial center of the Prefecture with approximately 32.000 inhabitants.

Today the city’s main income is from tourism, many new facilities having been built in the past 30 years. Agriculture is also notable, especially for olive oil. It is also the base of the Philosophical School and the School of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Crete.

Rethymno, Crete

Flying over Rethymno Crete

Rethymno from above