When guests check into our hotel, they will notice a number of alterations-additions to the hotel’s operation.
They are designed to minimize risk and enhance safety for our guests and staff.
We take measures, in compliance with the mandatory criteria and extra recommendations of Greece’s Hotel Safety Protocols, include the following:

Team members (staff) Training
Training on COVID-19 safety and sanitation protocols to all employees.
Informative posters throughout the staff areas.

Personal Protective Equipment
Provision of personal protective equipment to all employees.
Hand sanitizing stations around public areas for our guests and staff.
Regular thermal controls are done to all employees.

Physical distance
Floor signage and informative posters for physical distance.
Proper arrangement of restaurant, bar and lounge tables to ensure appropriate distancing.
According to the new operating protocols only hotel guests are allowed to enter the rooms.

Management of a suspected case
Our hotel cooperates with a doctor specially trained in the management of COVID-19 cases.
He has prepared an action plan for the management of a possible suspected case, with respect to the personality and privacy of our customers.

Cleaning and disinfection protocols
The hotel has chosen approved disinfectants effective against bacteria and viruses and appropriate for SARS- CoV-2.
Guest rooms
Cleaning and disinfection protocols are used to clean guest rooms.
Steam cleaners for the disinfection of fabric surfaces.
All decorative items are suspended.
Housekeeping trolleys are sanitized after each shift.
The daily cleaning is temporarily suspended.
The room cleaning and the linen change is performed every 3 days.
This frequency may change upon request
The service process of the rooms will be done only in the absence of the guests

Public areas
Increased frequency of disinfection of all public and staff areas with attention to high touched surfaces.
Steam cleaners for the disinfection of fabric surfaces.
Dining tables, bar stools, chairs etc disinfected after each use.
Recommendation to all guests the usage of their in-room WC.
Air Conditioning Cleaning, according to governmental protocols.

Front office desk
Check out time: 11h00 / Check in time: 15h00.
Guests personal data (address, telephone number, email) during check in, for public health protection and the possible need of tracing.
Appropriate floor signage for physical distancing.
All key cards disinfected prior use.
POS terminals disinfected after guest use.
Working surfaces & shared Equipment disinfected regularly.
A complete medical kit available at the reception.
Credit card as a payment method instead of cash will be reinforced.
Guests are informed for the services that are officially suspended or altered.

Elevator use
Guests are enhanced to prefer the use of stairs.
Maximum capacity of persons is signed in the entrance of the elevator.
Guests are enhanced to use the elevator only if staying in the same room.
Disinfection of the button panels is performed on a regular basis.

Restaurant services
A hand disinfection stands in the restaurant entrance.
The buffet will be served only by our team members.
Napkin service is suspended and replaced by one usage napkin.
Set up of table is completed upon guest’s arrival.
When possible, individual packaged serving items are used.
Tables are arranged with appropriate physical distancing.

Food Safety
Food handlers are trained on safe food preparation and service practice according to HACCP principles.
Suppliers of goods & services.
All our suppliers of goods and services follow similar Safety Protocols measures.
They do not enter the hotel from the main entrance, instead they enter from a separate secondary entrance.
We have in place an action plan in case of COVID-19 suspected cases οf guests or staff member which complies with Greece’s Hotel protocols and legislation.
The Management of our Hotel is committed in fully implementing Greece’s Hotel Safety Protocols.
We wish you a safe and pleasant stay in our hotel.